Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Waiting Room

Waiting... not something I am very good at, but that is where we are, and I know there is a lot more waiting in store.  It is funny how God has brought this concept of waiting over and over again in my life.  My first year of college I attended a Bible school.  One of my professors repeatedly said two things to us, "Fret not thyself." and "Wait."  Little did I know at 18 how much those words would impact me for the rest of my life.

So, today we wait.  We have mailed off our I-600A form to the U.S. government, and we now wait for a fingerprint appointment and for approval.  The funny thing about this process of adoption is that it is filled with different intervals of waiting.  We wait to be on a waiting list so that we can wait to receive a referral so that we can wait some more.  (Are you noticing a theme?)

The other day I was watching what turned out to be a terrible movie , but it had a really good line in it about waiting.   "But all of this isn't only about me. All of this is more about waiting ...about that time spent waiting. And the people you meet in the waiting room."  This hit me hard, but in a good way.  The waiting is important.  Waiting can draw us closer to God and to others.  During this time I have met some wonderful people that have encouraged me with their stories, lifted us up in prayers, and supported us in so many ways.  So for right now I will enjoy being in the waiting room.  I can't wait to see who comes in next!

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  1. Karen, I so understand what you mean.I feel like I'm in the waiting room since I came to US. It is frustrating. But you so right. I met so many wonderful people, made good friends, have so many good memories on the way that it is all worth it.
    Thank you for those words. I really enjoy reading your blog and good luck in your adoption journey.