Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Back!

We have taken the last couple of months off from blogging to enjoy our summer together.  We were blessed to take a wonderful vacation to Disney World.  It was a fun and relaxing.  We were even able to spend a few days with my aunt, uncle and cousin at Disney.  They spoiled the girls rotten, and we all loved every minute of it!.

We have also made some big changes around here.  After homeschooling the girls for the last two years, we felt God's leading to enroll them in a private school in our area.  It was an agonizing decision, but we are very pleased.  They girls have been in school for the last two weeks and are loving it!  I am missing them, but I haven't slowed down one bit. 

In adoption news, we are still on the waitlist.  Hopefully we will be matched soon.  I know our agency is working hard for both the children and the parents.

I will leave you with a "Gotcha Day" video.  It is the first one we ever saw, the one that turned our hearts toward Africa.  Get the kleenex ready!

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